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Exploring Windstorm Damage Repair

Welcome to my site. I'm Chase Carran. A quick moving windstorm recently knocked down a tall tree right onto our roof. The tree fell through the roof and straight into the living room. Luckily, no one was in that room at the time of the incident. We hired a damage contractor to fix the drywall, ceiling, and structural materials destroyed by that tree. The damage contractor used a wide range of materials and tools to complete the job. I will explore those materials, tools, and techniques on this site. I hope you will visit my site to learn all about home repair practices. Thank you.


Flooded Basement? 2 Reasons To Approach The Cleanup Carefully

The instant you spot a flooded basement, you might be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Unfortunately, moving too quickly can create more problems than it solves. Here are two reasons you should approach the cleanup carefully, and what might happen if you don't:

1: Fast Water Removal Can Damage Your Home's Structure

After you find water standing in your basement, you might head to the home improvement store to pick up a wet-dry vacuum, a sump pump, and a few buckets. When you get home, you might call all of your closest friends and family members to help you to get that water outside as soon as possible. Unfortunately, displacing standing water too quickly could severely damage your home's structure.

When your basement floods, the soil surrounding your home can also become saturated with moisture. Unfortunately, if you move interior water without giving the exterior soil a chance to drain, it can create a dangerous pressure imbalance. Wet ground soil can press against your home's foundation, potentially causing cracks and bowing your structural beams.

To avoid trouble, wait until the surrounding soil has drained before you start pumping. After you start removing water, don't pump more than 2-3 feet of water per day. It might take a lot of patience, but by moving slowly during your flood cleanup, you can protect your home.   

2: Flooded Areas are Inherently Dangerous

That flooded basement might be a discouraging mess, but don't let your frustration cloud your judgment. Flooded areas are inherently dangerous, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Water Saturated Objects: As water soaks through carpets, clothing, and furniture, items become much heavier. If you try to haul that armchair out of your basement on your own, you might risk painful muscle sprains.
  • Electricity: Since water is an excellent conductor of electricity, flooded basements can become riddled with dangerous electrical current. Before you attempt any cleanup project, turn off your main power. If your electrical panel is located in your basement, contact the power company to assist you. 
  • Mold: If your basement has been flooded for a while, mold might be growing freely. Unfortunately breathing in mold spores can cause dangerous conditions like Mucormycosis

To avoid problems, consider working with professional flood restoration experts to tackle your basement. In addition to understanding the inherent dangers of the job, experts also have industrial equipment to move water as efficiently as possible.

By making the right decisions during your flood cleanup, you can protect your home and keep your family safe.