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Exploring Windstorm Damage Repair

Welcome to my site. I'm Chase Carran. A quick moving windstorm recently knocked down a tall tree right onto our roof. The tree fell through the roof and straight into the living room. Luckily, no one was in that room at the time of the incident. We hired a damage contractor to fix the drywall, ceiling, and structural materials destroyed by that tree. The damage contractor used a wide range of materials and tools to complete the job. I will explore those materials, tools, and techniques on this site. I hope you will visit my site to learn all about home repair practices. Thank you.


Knowing When To Call A Mold Remediation Service Can Save Your Home And Your Health

When you see mold, you need to get rid of it. The problem is, you can't always see mold in your home. Knowing when to call a mold remediation service to remove the mold in your home takes a bit of investigation on your part. You can look for mold in your home, check damp areas for a musty smell, and consider calling a specialist if you have allergy symptoms that go away when you are out of the home. In general, consider the following situations to determine if it's time for call for mold remediation help.

You've Had a Recent Flood or Consistent Water Intrusion Into Your Home

While mold spores need to be around in order for mold to grow in your home, they are just about everywhere. You can't see mold spores, and water will cause the mold to grow. Mold spores need moisture in order to thrive, but it's important to remember that just because there is water, does not mean there is mold growth.

Mold Causes Discoloration

If you notice a ceiling or a wall that looks as though it's growing a colored stain, this can be due to mold growth in the structure. Discoloration of a wall or ceiling, especially after a water intrusion, usually indicates that there is mold growing. When left untreated, the mold will continue to grow. It's important to remember that mold isn't just black. Mold can look like dust, appear fuzzy, and be white, brown, and even some lighter colors like pink. The food source of the mold and the relative humidity in the air will determine how well the mold will grow in your home.

When You Smell a Musty Odor

Some types of mold give off an odor as they are growing. While not all mold causes a musty smell, when the smell is present, you probably have mold in your home. If you can't find the source of the mold, it's time to call for help. Odor is not the only indicator of mold in the home, but it can certainly help make the determination more clear.

If You Suffer Allergy Symptoms Only at Home

If you feel sick in the morning with congestion or other symptoms such as fatigue or asthma, but you are fine once you spend the day away at work, it could be your home making you sick. The air quality in your home may be poor, and it's time to have your indoor air quality tested to see if you have mold in your home.