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Exploring Windstorm Damage Repair

Welcome to my site. I'm Chase Carran. A quick moving windstorm recently knocked down a tall tree right onto our roof. The tree fell through the roof and straight into the living room. Luckily, no one was in that room at the time of the incident. We hired a damage contractor to fix the drywall, ceiling, and structural materials destroyed by that tree. The damage contractor used a wide range of materials and tools to complete the job. I will explore those materials, tools, and techniques on this site. I hope you will visit my site to learn all about home repair practices. Thank you.

Crawl Space Drainage And Waterproofing Guide To Deal With Hidden Water Problems When Doing Restorations

If you have a home with a crawl space foundation that you are planning on doing renovations to, there are problems that may be hidden in the crawl space. These problems are often due to issues with poor drainage around your home and waterproofing of the foundation. The following crawl space drainage and waterproofing guide will help you solve these problems when doing renovations to your home:

1. Inspect the Exterior Drainage and Finishes for Signs of Problems That Lead to The Crawl Space

The first area that you will want to look at when it comes to crawl space foundation water problems is the exterior of your home. First, you want to inspect any drain systems and the watershed of your landscaping to ensure rain runoff is being diverted away from your home. If there are drainage problems, look for damage to exterior finishes and foundation walls that are signs that there may be a water problem in the crawl space.

2. Look for Problems with Cross Ventilation in The Crawl Space That Can Cause Moisture Problems

Another problem that you may have with crawl space foundations is cross ventilation. This is an important feature of foundations because it allows air to circulate through the crawl space, which gives moisture and humidity an escape. If your crawl space has poor cross ventilation, you will want to talk to a crawl space waterproofing contractor about improving the ventilation when other repairs and improvements are done to your foundation.

3. Solve the Problems That Cause Groundwater to Seep into Your Crawl Space and Cause Problems

There are also problems with groundwater seeping into your foundation that can be a serious issue. This is often caused by high water tables and poor drainage around your home. If you have a problem with moisture seeping into your foundation, you will want to consider encapsulation to waterproof the foundation and prevent these problems. The encapsulation should be combined with drainage improvements, which can also include adding a sump pump to deal with any water that does get into the crawl space.

4. Update the Exterior Foundation Drain System and Crawl Space Water Proofing to Keep Your Home Dry

It is also important to update the exterior of your foundation with the right waterproofing system. This should be a modern waterproofing system that has several layers to reduce the static water pressure below the soil, as well as waterproofing that extends above the exterior soil grading of your landscaping.

These are some of the things that you will want to do to deal with drainage and crawl space waterproofing when doing restorations to your home. If you need help keeping the water out of your foundation, contact a crawl space waterproofing service and talk to them about these solutions before you continue with other restoration and repair work.

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